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Decorating a dorm room (On a college-friendly budget)

It is no secret a college education is a significant investment and living on campus can present its own set of financial challenges when students begin to furnish the housing space. Fortunately, there are many options for finding affordable, quality furnishings, appliances and decor to truly make a dorm room or apartment a home away from home.


The most frequently used appliances in a college living space are usually refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, coffee pots, toaster ovens and other small appliances. From heating up late-night snacks, to keeping bottled water and soda on hand, these appliances are a staple for students navigating college life. Unfortunately, the cost associated with purchasing all these appliances can add up to a large sum of money. However, the ReStore typically carries all these appliances at much lower prices, often half or more of retail price. The available inventory does change frequently, but this also provides a variety of choices.

Decorations and Lighting

Wall décor and a warm lamp can make any space feel more like home. Try using several lamps to light a room instead of turning on the harsh, overhead fluorescent lights. Also, if you have large walls to fill or if you want to cover cinder blocks, create a photo or wall decor collage to complete the space. It will help the room feel a bit cozier. All of the above items can be found at the ReStore, at a low price. While you’re at it, check out the pieces of tile, which can be repurposed into custom coasters for your new space. From mirrors, to canvas prints, to framed pictures, to a variety of lamps, you are sure to find the right items for your space.


While some dorms and apartments come furnished, not all spaces are quite as move-in-ready. For an unfurnished apartment, you will typically need a bed frame/headboard, mattress and box spring, desk, desk chair, recliner chair, and a table and chairs or stools. The final total can once again skyrocket, if everything you purchase is brand new. However, the ReStore carries all of these items at a largely discounted rate. Additionally, the items are unique and typically unlike those you might find in a large department store. Although some furniture may need to be refurbished or recovered, it is simple to add a slip-cover to a couch, reupholster chairs and cushions or re-stain an antique table.

Whatever your college decor dreams are, they do not always require a large investment of money. With a little creativity, searching and work, you can fill your space with great pieces, without going over your budget. Stop by the ReStore and let one of our team members help you find what you are looking for today.