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Meet Kathi, Habitat's Grant Administrator

My first experience helping to build a Habitat home was in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1991. Because of my limited construction experience, I was quickly taught to use a caulk gun. I was amazed at the camaraderie and amount of talent surrounding this project. I was humbled by their dedication and attention to detail in the spirit of helping others like the good ole days when they raised barns and had potluck picnics. Flash forward to 2019 when I was asked to write grants for Habitat for Humanity of Benton County. I was honored to be considered for such an important part of the foundation of hope for these deserving, yet somewhat invisible, families. Today I spend a lot of hours researching companies and foundations that meet our core values to find a match focused on housing, homeless, and community betterment. I attend virtual webinars to improve my craft, rely on our team for financial information, construction timelines, and donation reports, and pray a lot. It is a very satisfying responsibility. I would recommend everyone consider their strengths, talents, and resources to support this wonderful organization of transformational change. Building one house a brick at a time.